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Testimonials of Buffalo Dental Group

Patient Testimonials

The Buffalo Dental Group not only consists of highly qualified personnel but treatment methods that are top of the line. Once you are a patient you feel like you are visiting family with benefits. The benefits being friendly, professional treatment that leaves you with a healthy mouth and good teeth.  Diana

I have never had a dentist's office that I truly enjoyed coming to before coming to The Buffalo Dental Group. Your doctors, hygienists and office staff are always amazing; they are thorough, knowledgeable and efficient. Thank you Buffalo Dental Group for providing such excellent service!  Renee
My name is Dave and I was 250 lbs. of chicken when it came to the dentist. That was before Dr. Vossler at The Buffalo Dental Group and their amazing staff.  They have been caring for me since 1993 and you could not get me to go some place else if you paid me.  Painless, professional....just nice people plain and simple. Dave
I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Kolber and Stephanie!  I love how they are so gentle and nice and remember personal things we may have talked about!  My fear of dentists has diminished to nothing!  My son goes there now and I have told many others about Buffalo Dental! Dr. D'Silva was very conscientious to try and save as much of my tooth as possible. Every effort was taken to minimize the pain experienced during certain parts of the root canal procedure. This was deeply appreciated.  Jim S.
I recently became a patient and my only regret is that I did not become a patient years ago. I have had problems with my teeth since I was 5 years old, had a fear of dentists, and at the Buffalo Dental Group I instantly had no fear, felt special, had no pain even when several teeth were extracted, and I am in awe of the practice. I am HIGHLY recommending them to everyone I meet and know. It seems everyone who works there were handpicked from heaven from the receptionists to the dentist and I cannot praise them enough. I have special praise for Betty Bowler, who got me over the emotional fear of having the teeth extracted and who was there for me 24/7; Christa, who is THE BEST dental assistant that I have EVER met; and of course, Dr. D'Silva who can give shots even in the roof of your mouth without pain. There are no words that describe how well my experience was/is at the Buffalo Dental Group. I more than highly recommend them.  Susan
Your office is beautiful and your staff is great! I was so impressed with how modern the office was (TV’s, etc.) in the rooms. I was in the office for a consult about the Invisalign system and I was asked if I wanted to get the impressions etc….so I could see what my teeth would look like after the process.  I can’t wait to see what can be done!   Kimberly
The entire staff is absolutely amazing.  They are accommodating and friendly, explaining things and making you feel comfortable.  Being a person that is typically nervous about dental appointments, I have found that Dr. Ellen Vossler is fabulous.  No pain, no need to be nervous ever again!  She is gentle and explains the process.  I have never had a more thorough dental cleaning before ANYWHERE.  Good explanations from the hygienist as well.  Since I’ve been there a few times now, I can say – great experience, great people, great dental team!  Debbie B.
What a fantastic first impression the team at Buffalo Dental Group provides . . . I felt welcome, appreciated and comfortable from the moment I walked through the door and that’s really a great feeling.  Looking forward to future visits with my new dental family! Mary M.
BDG is the best . . . which is why I drive over an hour to come for my work for the past 22 years.  Thank you for your concern for me.   Jeff F.
The team got me in on an emergency visit even though my paperwork wasn’t even completed at the time . . . and I was very impressed with the team.  Thank you for seeing me so quickly!  Michael
Dr. Kolber always takes extra care to keep my teeth strong.  He does beautiful restorative work.  He also partners with my periodontist which is very beneficial to me. Linda B.
Lisa was great, explained everything that she was doing and why, and Dr. Vossler made me feel very comfortable!  Everyone was so friendly and helpful; they made my visit actually enjoyable – even with all the bad news. This was the best experience I HAVE EVER HAD COMING TO A DENTAL APPOINTMENT.  My appointed hygienists Michele was excellent . . . she explained every step of the way exactly what it was that she was going to do to me.  I have never had that done before and it has always steered me away from keeping my appointments with the dentist.  Two thumbs up for a job well done. Vanessa M.
If one could say it’s fun going to the Dentist . . . this might be the opportunity for such a statement.  Everyone was wonderful and time efficient. Marcia C.
I love my new TEETH. . .  Cheryle I.
Your office is very efficient with technology and professionalism that makes the most difficult cases seem like a routine check.  With my family in the dental business and having been through several dental procedures, I am very impressed with your work and would recommend all my friends and family.  Joanne W.
I don’t really know what you all could do to make a person more comfortable!  Every one that I have come in contact with is terrific. . . wish I had come to you 20 years ago when we returned to Buffalo.  Husband Joe seconds my thoughts!  Many thanks to one and all!  Millie and Joe P.
I was expecting more pain, but was happy to get none.  Joseph L.
I am very pleased with my new relation with Buffalo Dental Group.  I have a terrible phobia about dental visits and everyone is pretty accommodating.  I don’t look forward to my next appointment, but am confident I will leave feeling just fine!  Thank you to all the staff for being so welcoming and professional. JoAnne V.
Refreshingly warm reception, knowledgeable staff and a dentist who was generous with her time & expert advice. I felt extremely comfortable and satisfied with her evaluation, as well as her office assistant’s efficiency & competence. Dawn A.
I am so pleased with the service I receive all around at Buffalo Dental Group – from Betty who schedules the appointments to Michelle who does a thorough job of cleaning and explaining to Dr. Vossler who is brought in for problems (and helping to avoid problems.)  I wish every organization I worked with was so professional and pleasant.  Cynthia S.
Excellent service and care as usual.  Your office sets the gold standard for dental care.   Robert C.
I cannot say enough about the kindness, professionalism and great sense of humor of the Buffalo Dental Group at both offices! You folks are the best!!! Katherine W.
I have had quite a bit of work done recently. I am a single mom with 4 sons, 3 in college, 1 in high school. I am glad you have payment options for me. What I have had done and have done along with dental insurance is still too much all at once.Antoinette T.
Dr. Vossler is great, she knows my anxieties with being in the “chair” and takes excellent care of me.  The hygienist who does my cleanings is awesome and does an excellent job.  Loved the text message on my Birthday, and very much like being contacted via texting.  Very happy with The Buffalo Dental Group.  Bradley M.
Very impressed, my first time, called that morning, they accommodated me that afternoon!  As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted and felt very comfortable . . . kudos to EVERYBODY involved in my care! You are running a highly professional office environment – outstanding personnel and treatment!  I refer patients to you whenever the opportunity arises. John E.
I have the utmost respect and confidence in the entire staff of Buffalo Dental Group.  They are friendly, efficient and very professional.  I would never hesitate to recommend their services.  Diana I.
Dr. Vossler could not be more wonderful.  I have great dental anxiety and her and her team does everything possible to make me comfortable.  Mary R.
Everyone was extremely courteous and friendly.  It’s difficult to say you enjoy a visit to the dentist, but I actually did!  Ralph C.