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CEREC One-Visit Onlay Restorations – Buffalo, NY | Williamsville, NY

High-Quality Restorations in a Fraction of the Time

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A broken tooth does not mean the entire tooth is lost. The Buffalo Dental Group's ultra-conservative approach means they will save as much of your natural tooth as possible. With CEREC one-visit onlays, we can perform the necessary restorative dentistry measures to reconstruct your tooth and protect it from further injury! This revolutionary equipment allows us to create and places permanent crowns in a single appointment. If you have suffered an injury or broken tooth, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible!

Why Choose Buffalo Dental Group for CEREC One-Visit Onlay Restorations?

How CEREC Works

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Your Buffalo Dental Group dentist will first use CEREC one-visit only technology to scan your injured tooth. The information gained from this image will then be uploaded to a computer. From there, we can plan the creation of your CEREC one-visit only. Once these plans are finalized, your dentist will send the detailed instructions to our milling unit.

From there, your CEREC one-visit onlays will be constructed. These beautiful restorations are only made using precise tools and quality ceramic. You'll wait for your new crown, right at the office. You'll then be able to continue your day confidently, knowing that your dental accident is well-camouflaged with a natural-looking CEREC one-visit only.

Better Results with More Conservative Care

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The staff at The Buffalo Dental Group prefers to utilize CEREC one-visit onlays to mend mouths whenever possible. Unfortunately, depending on which tooth was harmed and how extensive the damage is, we're not always able to do so. If we can't use a CEREC one-visit only, we will still assist your unique situation in any way that we can.

Sometimes, we encounter patients who want to replace their metal crowns with less noticeable solutions. The Buffalo Dental Group may be able to use CEREC one-visit onlays to fulfill this wish! If you would like your teeth to appear less patchy and look more naturally beautiful, ask us about CEREC one-visit onlays!

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