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Stopping Pain & Saving Teeth

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Do you have a toothache that just won’t go away? Is one of your teeth hurting so badly that you can’t focus on anything else? If so, then it sounds like you have an infection in the dental pulp. This is a small amount of soft tissue located at the center of each tooth, and it contains sensitive nerve tissue. Whether due to a longstanding cavity or crack in the enamel, when exposed to bacteria, damaged dental pulp can cause quite a bit of pain. Root canal therapy is designed to fix this exact problem, and thanks to our team’s skill and technology, this often-feared procedure is actually nothing to be afraid of!

Why Choose Buffalo Dental Group for Root Canal Therapy?

How Root Canal Therapy Works

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When a patient comes to see us with a hurting tooth, we’ll give them an exam, and if we determine that they could benefit from root canal therapy, the procedure will take the following steps:

Most patients say the treatment feels like getting a small filling, which is to say not painful at all! With this procedure, we’re able to save even the most damaged teeth from extraction, better preserving the health, strength, and appearance of the smile.

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