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Eat, Speak, & Feel Like You Used To

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Dentures and partials are some of the most conservative methods we can use to bring back your bite. The Buffalo Dental Group regularly sees and fits patients for customized prosthetics that can give you the simple and reliable solution you've been searching for. Dentures and partials are a traditional tooth replacement method, and with today's dental technology, these removable appliances can be fully personalized to help better their fit and look.

Why Choose Buffalo Dental Group for Dentures & Partial Dentures?

Your Denture Options

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The Buffalo Dental Group firmly believes in taking an ultra-conservative approach to every aspect of dentistry, so dentures and partials are recommended to those who would truly benefit from their use.

If you're missing one to three teeth in a row, a partial denture can be effective for filling in your smile. A partial is removable, and it maintains its spot by clipping to the strong teeth on either side of gaps. A full denture stays in place with the help of suction and sometimes denture cream. Dentures, like partials, can be removed for easier cleaning and hygiene. Both of these appliances are easily taken out of the mouth, cleaned gently with a toothbrush, and placed overnight in a cup of water before sleeping.

The Benefits of Our Custom-Made Dentures

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Dentures and partials allow their wearers to eat and interact as if they never lost their teeth to begin with. Today's dental technology has enabled The Buffalo Dental Group to plan and provide well-fitting dentures and partials. People who obtain these restorative prosthetics from our practice won't have to worry about embarrassing problems like slipping or slurring when they speak, and they can resume normal eating habits easily.

There are cosmetic advantages to wearing dentures and partials as well. Besides the obvious benefits of having a full set of teeth, your face will appear younger when you have dentures and partials. Teeth provide a natural barrier to prevent cheeks from drooping inward and sagging, and when teeth are lost, your skin can appear greatly aged! Dentures and partials can help you regain and retain your youthful glow.

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