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The advanced technology at The Buffalo Dental Group has played a key role in enabling us to practice our ultra-conservative approach to dentistry. Investing in the most modern equipment has helped us with early detection of oral health issues as well as allowed us to focus on only the specific damaged areas of your mouth. We would be happy to demonstrate and discuss any of our advanced equipment with you at your next visit!

Intraoral Cameras

dentist using intraoral camera

Intraoral cameras and chairside monitors let you see what's really going on in your mouth. We can shine a small camera into your mouth and display the images on a conveniently located monitor. The dentists at The Buffalo Dental Group can use these tools to illustrate areas that may require treatment. We find that this helps our patients better understand their care options as well as our reasons for concern. This is a key technology to help us practice our ultra-conservative approach. We are able to narrow down and get an up-close look at the specific areas of your teeth that need repair.

Digital X-Rays

digital x-ray on tablet

The Buffalo Dental Group uses digital technology, rather than traditional film X-rays, to record images of our patients' teeth and gums. This method uses 90% less radiation than the traditional machines, plus the process is much faster and produces higher-quality images. We can even show a patient their X-rays seconds after taking them on a nearby monitor, helping them gain an even deeper understanding of their dental health. Plus, the images can be easily and infinitely stored, sent, and copied as needed.

Sirona CT Cone Beam System

cone beam system

When we're planning in-depth dental procedures, it may be necessary for us to get a more detailed look at the structure of your mouth. Cone beam technology provides our dentists at The Buffalo Dental Group with a detailed map of your teeth and gums and give us more information to plan your treatment. This device is able to create a highly-detailed 3D X-ray model of your teeth, jaw, and adjacent structures. It also reveals the location of sensitive facial nerves, enabling us to avoid them to provide a less invasive treatment.

CAD/CAM Digital Impressions System

CAM impressions system

Dental impressions give our team a working model of a patient’s teeth so we’re able to fully personalize their treatment. Now, instead of having someone bite into cold dental putty to make one, we only need to take a few quick scans of the mouth. Then, powerful software is able to piece together a fully digital 3D model of the teeth and bite. These impressions are much more accurate than traditional physical models, ensuring the quality of the upcoming treatment.

Air Abrasion

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Many patients dislike hearing, feeling, and generally experiencing dental drills. We use air abrasion tools instead to gently spray decay away during our cavity and filling procedures. It's possible for us to treat our dental cases without the use of needles or drills with air abrasion technology. This instrument also allows us to more precisely target the damaged areas of enamel while leaving any healthy portions untouched, helping a tooth maintain its natural strength.

CEREC One-Visit Restorations

woman getting cerec impression

Our CEREC machine allows The Buffalo Dental Group to create and place customized, permanent crowns in a single appointment. This means that you can skip having a temporary crown and enjoy the benefits of a naturally-colored crown right away instead! CEREC crowns are made of 100% dental porcelain, meaning they are not only extremely strong, but completely natural-looking as well, able to seamlessly blend into any smile.

VELscope Systems


The Buffalo Dental Group is concerned about every facet of your oral health. Our technology includes the VELscope system, which is used to conduct oral cancer screenings. This device is handheld and can be utilized for the early detection of oral cancer. This is a non-invasive procedure, and it helps us accurately identify early areas of abnormal cells that have the potential to develop into cancer. It enables us to spot problem areas much easier than the naked eye alone, helping patients get treatment even sooner.

Biolase Waterlase Technology


As always, The Buffalo Dental group is dedicated to ultra-conservative dentistry. Waterlase technology allows The Buffalo Dental Group to prep gum tissue and teeth for fillings while leaving the surrounding healthy parts of your mouth alone. This handy tool combines a dental laser with a steady flow of water to deliver a very precise treatment. The instrument itself emits almost no heat, sound, or vibration, meaning many patients don’t even need local anesthetic to remain completely comfortable during a procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

woman with nitrous oxide mask on

Nitrous oxide offers a safe and gentle way to help patients dealing with dental anxiety. When inhaled, a patient will quickly feel all the tension go out of their body, becoming fully relaxed both mentally and physically. A small mask is placed over the nose, and it stays there for the entire appointment. Once a patient is finished, the mask is removed, and they should feel completely normal within a few minutes.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Sleep apnea is a very serious disorder that affects about 25 million Americans. It causes someone to briefly stop breathing numerous times during the night, preventing them from getting adequate rest. Another common symptom is loud snoring, which can easily disturb others. Fortunately, using a custom- made oral appliance, we can easily address both problems so a patient (as well as anyone around them) is finally able to get the sleep they need.

TMJ Therapy

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If your teeth appear to be worn down or if we notice a popping or clicking when you open and close your mouth, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep! This is a common, stress-induced nocturnal habit we often pick up on during preventive dentistry checkups. When you clench your jaw and grind, it can cause damage to your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), which are the joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. If we note a need for TMJ therapy, those on our team can fit you for an NTI Tension Suppression System. This can alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing and help you gain a more restful sleep.

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